How sleep mode works on the Anbernic RG35XX (with GarlicOS)

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This post answers a question I had before I bought my Anbernic RG35XX: how does sleep mode work?

Here’s a quick video demo:

This is using GarlicOS version 1.4.9. As you can see in the video, the system turns off quickly and can later be resumed by holding the power button, dropping you right where you left off.

To power it off, I just press the power button. To power it back on, I hold it for about two seconds.

I believe the system is completely off in this state—there is no sleep mode—but because it boots to your last activity, it’s effectively the same thing. I haven’t noticed much battery drain when I leave the system off like this, even for weeks at a time.

I’m very happy with this! I can pick it up, play for a few minutes, and put it back down with little worry. I don’t charge it too often.

As for the stock firmware…I don’t remember. I recall that it drained battery quickly and wasn’t worth using, and I always did a full shutdown. Most people, myself included, highly recommend installing GarlicOS on this thing. Retro Game Corps has a great guide on this.

I hope this post helps the next person who has this question like I did!