Resources from my 5th semester

During my 5th semester, I produced some things that people might be able to use. Note that nothing here is guaranteed to be correct, though any inaccuracies are unintentional.

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (Stats 250)

Data Structures and Algorithms (EECS 281)

  • Exam 1 study guide - covers complexity (big-Oh notation and the like), some sorting algorithms, some C++ STL containers, searches
  • A number of my classmates and I worked on a final exam study guide, which was pretty sweet.
  • To study algorithms, I implemented some of them in CoffeeScript.
  • I wrote a number of utility functions in C++ that I used in some projects, which you might be able to use. Most of them deal with strings (split and trim, for example).

Introduction to Computer Organization (EECS 370)