Torrent snapshot of my open source projects, as of 2024

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In short: if you want, you can download a torrent of some of my popular open source projects to help preserve them. This is mostly an experiment.

I maintain many source projects. Most of them have no users, but a few are sorta-popular.

I thought I’d experiment with backing up a snapshot of these projects with BitTorrent. Though I doubt these will be useful, they might be nice for preservation or censorship circumvention.

Download 2024-01-01_evanhahn_open_source_projects.torrent, which contains the following projects (listed in rough order of popularity):

The whole archive is small, about half a megabyte.

You should be able to download these right away because the torrent specifies a WebSeed (assuming my site is still up!).

This is a wacky experiment. Let me know what you think!