Automatically ls when changing directories in zsh

The first thing I do when changing directories in the terminal is ls to get my bearings. I usually do it without thinking.

I used to do this manually, but then I learned that zsh has a way to do this for me. Zsh offers "hook functions", which can be defined and are executed when certain events happen. One of these functions, chpwd, will be "executed whenever the current working directory is changed."

Add something like this to your .zshrc:

chpwd() {

Now you'll ls whenever you cd (or pushd)!

"If my code helped one developer at least once"

From "On 10,000 npm installs — Or what Open Source Software means to me":

If my code helped one developer at least once...then it was all worth it.

I agree!

"X marks gender-neutral"

From a Kottke post:

"Mx." (pronounced "mix" or "mux") is a gender-neutral honorific. It's used by people who don't want to be identified by gender, whether their gender identity isn't well-represented by the older forms, or they just don't want to offer that information or assume it when addressing someone else.


This is happening. It's happening in progressive, diverse, digital communities first. And for all their fractiousness, and the inherent difficulty in dealing with areas as complex and personal as identity, gender, and sexuality, it does feel like some standards are emerging.

"The last thing we all need is for the 'data' economy to destroy another medium"

From "Apple's actual role in podcasting: be careful what you wish for":

[Podcasting is] completely decentralized, free, fair, open, and uncontrollable by any single entity, as long as the ecosystem of podcast-player apps remains diverse enough that no app can dictate arbitrary terms to publishers (the way Facebook now effectively controls the web publishing industry).


And the last thing we all need is for the "data" economy to destroy another medium.

I don't have much skin/knowledge in this game, but I agree that podcasts feel like one of the final pieces of media that hasn't been overrun by money-grabbing. Nothing like this lasts but I'm living it up!

How to empty Chrome's cache and do a hard reload

This post assumes you know a bit about browser caches.

Sometimes I want to empty Chrome's cache and do a hard reload. Maybe I'm getting some stale resources that I'm pretty sure have changed and I want to make sure I'm getting fresh files.

To empty Chrome's cache and do a hard refresh:

  1. Open the Chrome DevTools. You can't do a hard reload if you don't have the DevTools open.
  2. Right-click on the Reload button.
  3. Click "Empty Cache and Hard Reload".

Here's what that looks like:

Screenshot of "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" in Chrome

I haven't seen this concisely documented anywhere, so I thought I'd write this post!

Edit: A reader sent Clear Cache, a simple Chrome extension that can do this too.