Michigan students can use Virtual Sites to do cross-browser testing

In short: if you're at the University of Michigan, you can do cross-browser testing with Virtual Sites.

Disregard this post if you're not at U of M.

I'm a University of Michigan student and I sometimes need to do cross-browser testing, and I don't use Windows. The solution: Michigan offers Virtual Sites, where you can take control of a computer and test stuff out.

To do this, you'll need Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection. If you already use Windows, you already have it. If you're on a Mac, you'll need to download it. I don't know of a Linux solution, sadly.

Once you've done that, configure your virtual session. You can see which version of IE you'll be testing on by checking the software list. If you've a CAEN account, you can also take control of a CAEN machine. As of this writing, the standard one has IE8 and the CAEN one has IE9.

Happy testing!

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