How to: play custom Portal maps on OS X

I just got Steam for Mac, and it's excellent. I downloaded Portal for free, and installed some custom maps. Here's how it's done.

  1. Download the maps. You can get them from Portal Game Maps or My Aperture Labs.
  2. Unzip them.
  3. Find your maps directory. It should be in DocumentsSteam Content, [your username], portal,portalmaps.
  4. Put the unzipped files into this directory.
  5. Start up Portal.
  6. Go to OptionsKeyboardAdvanced, and check "Enable developer console." Click OK until you're back at the main menu.
  7. Press the tilde key (~) and type map [the map's name].

After a bit of loading, you'll be playing a custom map! Enjoy.

Note: I did not have luck going into the "Bonus Maps" menu. If you do, great success!

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