Evan Hahn's lil' pages

In short: I made some lil' tools you can use, like a Markdown parser.

I've had some ideas kicking around for tiny webpages that accomplish a single, simple task. A Markdown parser; a "what does this hex color look like?" page; a line break remover.

So I built them! Go take a look at Evan Hahn's lil' pages.

There's an HTML tag stripper, a Markdown parser, and more. I will likely add more as time goes on.

As far as the technical implementation went, I have a few remarks. First, I made these for myself, so I didn't worry about weird browser compatibility issues. Second, these aren't particularly polished -- the JavaScript code isn't stunning and I probably could've done without jQuery. Third, I used PHP to spit out the pages (there's a little server-side templating), and I have no excuse for that.

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