Detect global JavaScript variables with iframes

This post assumes you know about global variables in JavaScript and the basics of iframes. This post is meant for browser-based JavaScript, not other environments like Node.

It's pretty easy to accidentally leak global variables in JavaScript. Even the best of us accidentally find ways to fill the window object with variables we didn't intend to.

There are a lot of fancy tools that help you find these variables, but if you're looking for a simple oddball solution, you can use iframes.

Here's the finished, annotated code:

(function () {
  // Create an iframe and put it in the <body>.
  var iframe = document.createElement('iframe')

  // We'll use this to get a "pristine" window object.
  var pristineWindow = iframe.contentWindow.window

  // Go through every property on `window` and filter it out if
  // the iframe's `window` also has it.
  console.log(Object.keys(window).filter(function (key) {
    return !pristineWindow.hasOwnProperty(key)

  // Remove the iframe.

In short, this looks at all the global variables on your window and compares it with the "pristine" window inside an iframe. If you have anything the iframe doesn't, it prints it out.

This is a bit of a hack and might not work in every weird edge case, but I've pasted this code snippet into the console and it's been useful!

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