A mindless to-do list

In short: I added a “mindless” tag to my task list for items that don’t require thought, so that when I’m out of it, I can still get stuff done.

Part 1: We all have times in which we want to accomplish something. We also have times when we are unable to accomplish much because we are tired or lazy. But sometimes you are tired and lazy, but still want to get something done.

Part 2: There are a lot of different tasks that don’t require a lot of thought, but need doing. For example, I need to log into my high school email account every so often to keep it alive. It needs doing but doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Bring these two parts together.

Tag tasks as “mindless” when adding them to your to-do list. When you’re feeling meh but still want to get something done, cross off items on your “mindless” list. This has worked pretty well for me, as I am mindless a lot of the time.

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